Notes on the Making Of Ping Pong Color

‎ - Game Design

After a bunch of years of merely watching tutorials without making my 'own' game, I've decided to start developing a small one, from design to publishing. This post is some notes and thoughts on the process

Tangential Learning in World Games

‎ - Game Design

Tangential Learning is an interesting subject to treat in the realm of game design, here’s an example on how it’s applied in an old retro game.

Learning applied to Game Design

‎ - Game Design

Having a grasp of the different kinds of ways to learn will be useful to decide how to arrange the different systems in your game to incentivize or demotivate certain behaviors from your players.

Flow optimization for Déjà Vu

‎ - Game Design

Déjà Vu is a point n’ click game, in this post I’m going to talk about the NES version and how to make the player interaction with the interface more comfortable for the player.

Teaching the Player

‎ - Game Design

Teaching the player correctly in your video game is an essential thing to have in mind when designing your game. It’s important to know how to guide the players correctly so they understand how the systems of your game works.

The photography of INSIDE

‎ - Art

Inside is a beautiful game with an excellent color palette and ambiance, here’s a small analysis on the colors and composition of some scenes from Inside.