The photography of INSIDE

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Composition of Inside

INSIDE is a beautiful game, it puts to great use its minimalist and pale color palette, accompanied with a great emphasis in composition to communicate the narrative to the player. Here are some notes no its photography.

You can get INSIDE here.

First example, our character is placed on the left side of the frame, looking (and directing the view of the player) towards the dark silhouette at the top right. This silhouette creates great contrast with the light on the floor.

Colors of Inside Inside Blur

The zones of contrast can still be distinguished after blurring the image.

Color palette of Inside

The colors of INSIDE are unsaturated, favoring blue hues. Colors are pastel-like, a red is used generally to draw attention

Composition of Inside Composition of Inside Composition of Inside

In the left is an example of how glow should look :)

Proper glow