Tangential Learning in World Games

- Game Design

World Games Weight Lifting

The image above is an example of a screen that is shown to the player before starting to play a sport in World Games. It gives around 3-4 short paragraphs of information about the history and concept of that sport. It’s a great example of Tangential Learning.

More about learning applied to Game Design.

World Games is composed by 8 sports:

  1. Weight Lifting (Russia)
  2. Barrel Jumping (Germany)
  3. Cliff Diving (Mexico)
  4. Slalom Skiing (France)
  5. Log Rolling (Canada)
  6. Bull Riding (United States)
  7. Caber Toss (Scotland)
  8. Sumo Wrestling (Japan)

This way of presenting tangential information to the player is effective, it’s more effective if it’s presented to the player during “dead times“, loading screens, for example. Here are some tips that you and I might want to apply when teaching the player in this way: